LifeShare Donor Registry
The LifeShare Donor Registry is one of just a few Internet-based donor registries in the United States. In just a few minutes, the easy online registration process will record your wish to be a donor.

The Registry will allow organ, eye and tissue recovery coordinators with LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank to quickly determine if you have declared your intent and consent to be a donor.

If you indicated your consent to be a donor on your state driver's license, or ID card, (a red heart will be on the front of your license or state ID) you are already in the LifeShare Donor Registry. However, it is important, whenever you renew or replace you driver's license or state ID card, that you indicate your desire to be an organ and tissue donor. If you failed to indicate your desire on your license or state ID card, and you wish to do so now, you may continue with the online registration process.

Thank you for saying Yes and sharing life with your fellow Oklahomans!


Currently, more than 121,000 people are awaiting lifesaving organ transplants in the United States. Tens of thousands more need tissue transplants.

In the state of Oklahoma, approximately 800 people are awaiting organ transplants. Approximately 50 Oklahomans die each year waiting for a transplant.

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