Writing to LifeShare Families
LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma supports written correspondence between recipients and donor families. Initially, all correspondence is completely anonymous and identities are kept confidential.
Writing to Transplant Recipients & Donor Families > Step-by-Step Guide
Patches of Love Donor Memory Quilt
The Patches of Love Donor Memory Quilt is comprised of individual quilt squares made by donor families in memory of their loved ones. Each patch is carefully made to honor loved ones who gave the Gift of Life. Each year, the quilt squares will be sewn together to make a beautiful wall hanging. In addition to honoring donors, this quilt displays the importance of organ,eye and tissue donation.

Family members can reserve the quilt to display at special family gatherings, as well as church and community events. Click a name below to view their Patch of the Donor Memory Quilt.

Vallis Davis Anthony
Timothy Earl Hale
Floyd Bese
Cliff W. Parks
Mickey Miller
Paul Joseph Combs
Derek Chowning
Derek Chowning
Nancy Caglione-Pepper
Calvin Pennington
Perry Helvey
Brandon Magalassi
Matthew Walker
S. Jim Pierson
David Weckler
Dan Wink
Kevin C. Manley
Glen L. Walker
Scott Cannon
Jerry Welch
Tamara Fancher
Kathy Ann Sisco
Brandon Barfield
Kathy Ann Sisco
Early Wayne Arnold II
Dustin Keith Rhodes
Wille E. Howard
Micah John Fleming
Joseph S. Henderson
Peggy Pippin
Anne Backus
Darren Branch
Rose Buntin-Griffin
Cody Dean Bolin
Mildred Gregg
Jason Henson
Ben Houchin
Richard LeGrande
Katelyn Macy
Katelyn Macy
Helen Sanders
Vicki Shea
Brad Stracener
Earle Travis
Barbara Wright
Michael Contway
Barry Adams
Connie V. Barringer
Aaron Kollars
James H. Butler
Mario Joseph Betta
Garland R. Chastain
Claud W. Clark
Levi Derrick
Tommy Edwards
Tiffani (Mashore) Fleehart
Nicholas Green
Loren Edward Gregory
Eldon Ray Haymaker
Tim Tiller
Shirley Ann Vaughn
M. J. Heptig
Mark J. Hultz
Tina Shovestull
Jayce Ray Sheffield
Paul E. Semrad
Terence E. Sartorius
Ashley Renee Phillips
Sasha Josephine Owens
Allen Francis O'Brien
James Ray Maxey
Douglas Lee Maxey
Edward Larsen
Kristopher Alan Sides
Trevor Lee Smith
Dean Blair Snow
Mark Stover
Craig Lin Keener
McKenzie Erin Kennedy
Mitch James
Tabitha Chaffin
Naomi Eileen Cochran
David E. Abbott
D. Michele "Bobi" Anderson
Jerrid Thomas Bolt
Joseph John Caddel
Monty L. Clem
Elizabeth Kate Craig
Allen Wesley Davis
Melanie Joy Demanche
Frederick Louis Ziemba
Robert Louis Dressler
Janice Hanson
Christopher Dean Hillbolt
Olen Jones
Melissa Beth Kuhns
Robert David Lee
John Edward Lively
Gracie Miracle-Lyn Mendenhall
Madison Musser
Kenneth Richmond
William L. Robinson, III
Brendan Michael Robison
Bryce H. Roller
Jenna Loree Russell
Kimberly Rae Bo-Min Smith
Kylie Grace Standlee
Aaron Kenneth Stern
David Taff
Kjell Anders Tovander
Larry Wayne Wallace
Clyde Wells
J. W. Whittemore
Lana Kay Lyon Joachims
Robert Mark Gibson
Kynnith Barnett
Kenneth Chilcote
Matthew Nelson Cooper
Gary Ray Crouch
Brooke Sophia Daily
Jeremy J. Dalton
Rickey Lynn Davis
Lloyd T. Ferguson
Tiffany Lin Friedl
Alisha Ellen Girdner
Vickie J. (Morrison) Hinkie
Ian Seth Hudson
Bobby Dean Hutto
Ralph W. Jackson
Brent Jordan
Ervin Lebeda
Ron Martin
Pauline Cora McDonald
Patrick Kelly McMurry
Trinity Owen
Anthonny A. Pembrook
Tu Duc Pham
Elvis Gene Phillips
Alyssa Porter
Jerrod Reese
Emily Beth Schenk
Kenney Seeger
Harold O. Shipman
Holly Brooke Sjostrom
Michael Sutton
Christopher Anthony Todd-Miller
Faith Rose Victory
David W. Watson
Shannon Watts
Veran Zane Winters
Gary Wray
Jason M. Wright
Christofer Aaron Yeager
Stacy Rigdon Moore
Joyce Adams Curtis
Terry Lee Blaine
Kathryn Joyce (Hopkins-McKay) Danner
James Trever Dunham
Keith Lane Foltz
Joshua Shane Hart
Kittrick Johnson
Monte Wayne Lawson
Elvin Long
Eric Ross Martin
Jorge Meyers
Mason Michael Morrow
Andrew Olvera
Dave J. Pruitt
Nathaniel Wayne Campbell Ransom
Sharon Roe
Perry Scott
Susan Shobert
Marshall Stevens
Katherine Mary Thompson
Katherine Mary Thompson
Madison McKenzie Vandever
Brian Wells
Diana Ann Westphal
Terri Sue Whittle
Jonathan Wade Virden
Ted M. Williams
Susan Robinson
Funeral Home Relations

LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma is committed to service and provides a representative to maintain close communications with funeral home directors and staffs. This individual makes every effort to assure that the organ and tissue procurement organization maintains an excellent relationship with the funeral industry and donor families. Both LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma and Oklahoma funeral homes have a common goal: assisting, caring for and providing information to donor families so that clear and thoughtful decisions can be made. When consent is given for donation, all concerned work together to support the family, provide timely communication, and care for the deceased with the highest level of dignity.

The funeral home relations representative is available to assist any donor family or funeral home. Please feel free to email them at for more information.


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